OASE Vitronic 36 UV Clarifier


OASE 36 Vitronic UV Clarifier provides 36 watts of algae killing power.

OASE Vitronic UV provides the best of both worlds: OASE quality at a budget price. The UVC works by flocculating algae as well as safely eliminating pathogens & bacteria helping fish health & improving water quality.

Vitronic is the way to get started with UV treatment for your pond water. Substances that cause turbidity and pathogens are effectively eliminated.

OASE Vitronic UV available in USA market April 2014.


  • Suitable for ponds up to 20 m³
  • Elimination of suspended algae (green water)
  • Reduction of harmful bacteria and pathogen level
  • New: Direct installation on the BioSmart
  • Visual function check of the UVC bulb
  • Quick release for easy bulb change and cleaning of the quartz glass
  • High quality workmanship with impact resistant plastic housing
  • Easy installation thanks to an extensive range of connection accessories
  • Incl. high quality UVC bulb
  • 100 %, VDE-certified safety; does not cause eye injuries
Item # Description Price Points  
40350 OASE Vitronic 36 Watt UV Clarifier Was $278.90$252.99 200 Ships 4 Free
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